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YouTube app updated with improved comment viewing



YouTube for iOS was updated with an annoyance-fixer on Wednesday that improved the ability to view long comment strings, along with a bug fix for headphone video control.

As shown above, opening lengthy comment strings now bring up a new dialogue for viewing that isolated conversation. You can scroll up and down to your hearts content, and when you’ve finished you can tap the X in the upper right hand corner to return to the main comment view. The same scroll view is now shown when replying to singular comments, too.

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The full changelog is posted below. Let us know what you think about these YouTube app changes by sounding off in the comments section below.

What’s new

  • View all comment replies without minimizing the video player
  • Keep your place in the Home feed after watching a video in full screen
  • Search your watch history in Library > History
  • Fixed a bug so now you can play or pause videos with headphone controls
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