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Looking for a way to switch up your home screen? Check out these tips!



Your phone’s home screen can be one of the hardest things to get right. And if you’re like me, once you do get it right, a few weeks will pass before the setup is, once again, stale. So, here are some tips I use and recommend when you start looking to change it up.

One of the best ways to switch up your setup is the wallpaper, but finding a good one is easier said than done. Trying to find high quality images that fit the screen and work with your icons is never an easy task. Luckily, there are a few ways to solve that.

The internet is a vast expanse of data and webpages, and there are an infinite number of places to get great wallpapers. My number 1 stop however, is the Google Plus page belonging to Alex Chaves. The owner of Absolutely Wallpapers (We’ll get to that in a minute), Alex shares some of the best images around, whether you’re looking for an overhead landscape, material design, or cityscapes. There are thousands upon thousands of options to look through, and the page is updated multiple times a day.

If that style of pictures isn’t your taste, fear not. There are plenty of apps that exist which can yield a great wallpaper or two. Some of my favorites on Android are Google’s Wallpaper app, and Absolutely Wallpapers. As far as iOS options go, Papers.Co is a great option that I’ve used before.

So now you’ve found a great image, but your home screen is still off. My next step would be to try changing up the icons. If you’re rocking an Android, look at changing up the icons with an icon pack. The icon pack I’m using, which can be seen below, is called Velur, and brings circles to your home screen with a nice accented outline.

iOS doesn’t allow icon packs, but you can try rearranging them and cleaning up the home page to give it a different look.

In case you need some inspiration, we’ve included our home screens below, and the image is linked here.

Vince’s Home Screen (Android)


Sam’s Home Screen (iOS)

Home screens are a great way to add a personal touch to your device, and they are what sets apart your phone from the millions of others just like it. Perfecting your home screen seems nearly impossible, but with a little inspiration, the task becomes a lot less daunting.

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