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How to Enable Youtube’s Dark Mode



Dark Modes are like a little Easter egg from developers, letting you customize the user experience just a little bit more than usual. It was recently discovered that the Chrome Web browser version of YouTube has a dark mode, and with some easy coding, you could see it for yourself.

To start, make sure you open up from a Chrome browser, and that your account is signed in.

Once you have managed to accomplish that, there are three easy steps:

Open up the Chrome developer tools.

  • For Windows, Hit CTRL + Shift + I
  • For Mac, Hit Option + Command + I

A little side window should popup, and once it does you’ll need to locate the Console tab. Once you’ve opened that up, there is a string of code to input.


Once you do enable it, YouTube will switch the lights off, and you’ll have accomplished your task.And Bam! That’s it. Now close or refresh the page and open up to YouTube’s original homepage. You should see a slightly tweaked interface, but on top of that, clicking on your profile in the top right should open up a profile box. One of the options will be a toggle called dark mode. Take a guess as to what that does.

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