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The state of the iPhone 8



Over the last few months, excitement for the iPhone 8 has been at a steady incline, as we saw the first rumors and mock ups of what Apple could potentially release in September. New rumors have started to slow down, as Apple has likely settled on one or two designs and are in the stages of testing each one.

That means now is the time where we start seeing concepts and mock-ups, created in large part from the rumors that have released. Keep in mind as you’re thumbing through these that there’s no real validity to a lot of them. They’re essentially a Frankenstein of the most popular rumors, and the extreme version of what we might see from Apple later this year.

Gabor Balogh


I think it’s important to keep in mind the feasibility of accomplishing such a feat, and the purpose of mock-ups and concepts like this. They are here to get you excited.

Apple likely hasn’t settled on a design yet, and with reports that they are experiencing a bottleneck with Touch ID, they likely won’t for a while. So anything you see today is just a Frankenstein of rumors and someone else’s imagination.

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