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iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 could experience more competition from the Note 8 than the Galaxy S8



As images of Galaxy Note 8 prototypes have  surfaced via Slashgear in the last few days, one has to wonder how much of an impact Samsung’s second flagship of the year could have on iPhone 8 sales.

Although the Galaxy S8 hasn’t even officially released yet, the nature of technology already has us looking towards the future. Samsung’s Note series is typically a larger version of their Galaxy S series, with a few improvements and extra features.

In an article first reported by 9to5mac, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a pair of reports today about the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 and S8. In one, Kuo references the likely upgrades to the dual-camera setup that Samsung plans to adopt, and why Apple should be fearful of such an upgrade.

The adoption of a dual-camera setup will be the most important upgrade in the Note 8. The dual-cameras will include 3x optical zoom, 12MP wide-angle CIS supporting dual photodiode (2PD), 13MP telephoto CIS, dual 6P lenses and dual OIS. The Note 8’s dual-camera will be much better than that of iPhone 7 Plus, and likely match that of OLED iPhone.

The second report discussed Samsung’s current offering, the Galaxy S8. Samsung has experienced better-than-expected sales and excitement surrounding the phone, mainly because of the new bezel-less display.

Despite the few drawbacks, such as poor fingerprint scanner and a small battery, Samsung seems to have captured the attention of consumers all around the world, and could take more of the smart phone market share than many thought possible just a few months ago.

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