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Apple set to debut new Macbooks at WWDC



When the 2016 MacBook Pro came out last November, it was widely considered a good laptop, verging on great. What kept it from truly blowing us away was the untapped potential. Aside from the addition of a Touch Bar and a new finish, the laptop did little to set itself apart.

Many felt that Apple would have been better off to delay the laptops, and include Intel’s faster Kaby Lake processor, which would release soon after.

It appears that we’ll finally get to see if that addition would have made a difference, as Apple is rumored to debut an updated MacBook Pro at WWDC. This is according to a Bloomberg report, which also suggests that Apple is working on a faster 12 inch MacBook, and a 13 inch MacBook Air.

This move comes just weeks after Microsoft unveiled the Surface Laptop, which looks to be a strong competitor to Apple’s MacBook line.

Don’t expect these updates to revolutionize Apple’s lineup. Instead, they are expected to indicate Apple’s reinvigorated support for the Mac devices, which have received limited support from the Cupertino company over the last few years.

If this report comes to fruition, it will add to the growing list of exciting new hardware we could see come June, including a Siri-Enabled Smart Speaker and a new 10.5-inch iPad.

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