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iPhone 8

Implementing 3D touch will be twice as expensive for Apple



Apple’s intentions to raise the price of the iPhone 8 have not been kept a secret – with the myriad of new innovations we are expected to see on Apple’s next flagship, a higher price is justified.

Earlier today, DigiTimes wrote that one component of a higher price would be 3D Touch. TPK, the company that manufactures Apple’s 3D Touch screens, will charge $18-$22 for the feature on an OLED screen. Apple looks to accept that price, despite the fact that it is double the $7-$9 range of previous years.

The reason for the price hike is the OLED screen itself. OLED screens are much more fragile than their LCD counterparts, so TPK will be forced to bond glass casings on the back and front to provide structure.

If Apple expects to keep their current profit margins, they’ll be forced to increase the price of the iPhone 8. There are at least a handful of components in the next iPhone that could experience the same hike in prices, especially as Apple looks to nail down the official design sometime soon.

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