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Apple Car

These futuristic renderings of the rumored Apple Car look crazy



This isn’t the Apple Car.  And the chances that the actual Apple Car will resemble this are highly unlikely.  But these images do show how futuristic this automobile is expected to be, and they’re fun to look at nonetheless.

MotorTrend was previously teasing an exclusive about the forthcoming Apple Car, but the only information released so far have been these concept photos and general speculation. If current rumors hold to be true, the Apple Car isn’t expected to launch until 2020, or possibly even later.[adinserter name=”Responsive”]

I’m still in the camp where the idea of Apple manufacturing a car, for the masses, sounds ridiculous. Sure–Apple is a technology company, but creating a vehicle, something that real lives are placed in, is a major step in a very different direction. It would be like Ford or Toyota beginning development on a mobile phone.  It just doesn’t sound right together.[adinserter name=”Responsive”]

Regardless, this whole Apple Car rumor hasn’t died yet, which means that Apple is probably working on a car, and that this car may actually hit the market eventually. But at this point, there is no telling whether it will be announced or confirmed next month, next year, or five years down the road.

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