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This is the default iOS 11 wallpaper (download it here)



As with every major release, iOS 11 adds a new wallpaper in the Settings app.

While iOS 11’s beach wallpaper is similar to one hidden in iOS 10.3.3, it’s not the same. The stock wallpaper in iOS 11 features darker, yellower sand and does not feature someone sitting on the beach. That being said, the two locations do look alike and can be easily confused.

This first wallpaper was (somehow) extracted straight from the iOS 11 beta and comes in at a more than HD resolution of 3208 × 3208. Credit to Reddit user dotisopropyl for pointing this out.

This second wallpaper for cropped for iPhone and looks crisp and sharp, courtesy of Reddit user LandSquid399.

Do you like the default wallpaper in iOS 11?

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