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4K/HDR Apple TV and cellular Apple Watch confirmed by HomePod firmware



In another series of discoveries, developers digging through Apple’s HomePod firmware have uncovered references to a 4K/HDR Apple TV and SIM-enabled Apple Watch.

The Apple TV finding comes courtesy of developer Guilherme Rambo. He posted the tweet above on Saturday afternoon that featured two references to, “4kHDR,” in the HomePod’s code. A follow-up tweet also showed support for both popular HDR formats: HDR10 and Dolby Vision. If Bloomberg’s report from earlier this year holds true, we’ll be seeing this new Apple TV before the end of 2017.

The second HomePod discovery is via Jeffrey Grossman, who published the above tweet on Friday evening. Bloomberg posted an article earlier on Friday that first rumored an Apple Watch with LTE capabilities, and this latest HomePod leak seemingly confirms the fact that a SIM-enabled Apple Watch is in the works.

These two discoveries join an ever-growing list of Apple tidbits leaked through the HomePod’s firmware. First we saw the iPhone 8’s design, then we found more information about the iPhone 8’s Face ID technology and camera systems and now we’re here. Only time will tell if there is even more intel left to be uncovered.

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