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iOS 11 beta 5 released to developers, this is what’s new



iOS 11 beta 8

On Monday morning, the fifth iOS 11 beta was pushed out to developers.

iOS 11 beta 4 was released 14 days prior. That update introduced a multitude of refreshed app icons, new Control Center toggle animations and brought back swipe gestures for notifications. iOS 11, in general, includes a tweaked look over iOS 10 and includes a number of great changes for iPhone and iPad users alike. Things like Drag and Drop on the iPad, ARKit support for all iOS 11-enabled devices, a new and improved version of Siri and a revamped Control Center and redesigned version of the App Store.

New changes in today’s update will be posted below.

What’s new?

  • The screen recording bar at the top of the screen is red now (previously blue)
  • AirPods battery percentage now shows in most AirPlay menus
  • Display Zoom preference panel correctly shows iOS 11 screenshots (previously showed iOS 10’s UI)
  • The video player in Apple Music has been tweaked
  • New iPad app switcher animation when enabled from the home screen
  • Music widget on the Lock Screen displays device type now (ex. iPhone, iPad)
  • Header text in apps gets slightly bigger when swiping down
  • New pop-up when changing app icons
  • You can now delete FaceTime calls in one swipe
  • In Camera, flash is automatically disabled when battery is below 20%

  • New FaceTime dialing tone (via Lewis P)

  • In Music, there’s a new icon for artists without a profile pic (via CaptainHappy)

  • New Portrait mode splash screen on iPhone 7 Plus (via Stan)

  • When the Grid option is enabled and you’re taking an overhead shot, a crosshair will appear to help you keep the phone level (via 9to5Mac)
  • Cover Sheet/Notification Center’s drop down animation is quicker (via Alphablaze98)

  • New animation for how to activate Emergency SOS (via @DivyangPendse)
  • 3D Touching an icon in Control Center with no 3D Touch functionality now activates the toggle instead of doing nothing (via @lucastracy10)
  • Transitioning to the Smart Invert mode now shows a gray screen before enabling; feature is working slightly better than before

  • When launching the Health app for the first time after updating, you’ll see a new pop-up asking you to share your health data with Apple

  • New splash screens after updating an iPad

  • Tweaked Music widget with pulsating icon in the top right corner, updated AirPlay UI

  • New Settings and Camera icons

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