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Very little is actually known about the next flagship from Apple. That being said, rumors have been flying for the last few months, and now, as they’ve started to slow down, we thought it would be the perfect time to compile every rumor into one article. If you want to read more into each topic, the article we’ve written up about that topic will be linked at the bottom.

So, with that being said, this is everything we think we know about the iPhone 8 (Edition)

What will Apple name it?

  • Common sense has led us to call their next flagship the iPhone 8. However, that’s never been confirmed by Apple or really anybody. The media has taken the name and ran with it because we’ve had the iPhone 6, the 6s, 7 and presumably the 7s will release this October. So the iPhone 8? That would make sense, but it would also throw Apple’s naming system out the window. Instead, a rumor came out around the beginning of March that suggests Apple could go with the iPhone Edition. Since then, it’s been back and forth between iPhone 8 and iPhone Edition.

When can I get my hands on this device?!

  • Since the iPhone 4, Apple has released their newest phone every September. We expect that to be the case this year with the iPhone 7s, and the iPhone Edition could also be announced at that same time. However, when we get to actually purchase the iPhone Edition is up in the air. Most rumors point to sometime early in 2018, as Apple will need more time to develop the iPhone 8 than normal.

How will Apple design their 10th anniversary iPhone?

  • Most rumors point to an all glass body with aluminum sides, as a throwback to the iPhone 4. Early rumors predicted a curved screen up front, similar to Samsung’s edge display. However, that rumor has been dispelled, and any curve to the front screen is going to be similar to the slight curve found on the iPhone 7. The size of the screen is going to increase, going from 4.7 inches to 5 inches, but the body won’t be any larger. The hope is that Apple does this by slimming down the top and bottom bezels, while removing the side bezels.

Wait, there won’t be bezels?

  • All signs point to no. Samsung and LG have both released a phone without any real side bezels, and there’s no reason to think Apple can’t do the same before September. Almost every rumor at this point believes Apple will head in that direction, and the concept images, albeit crazy and impractical, can give us a little hint at what that might look like. By removing the side bezels and shrinking the top and bottom, Apple could have one of the best looking phones ever.

Apple plans to ditch the Home Button in favor of a “function area”

Will the iPhone finally get Wireless Charging?

  • Apple has been hard at work trying to bring Wireless Qi charging to the next iPhone model. They claim it is one of their most requested features, and in the race for a truly port-less phone, the next step would be removing the charging cable. At one point, there was hope for long distance wireless charging, but that has likely been delayed as Apple implements the practical

Lightning or USB – C?

  • Let’s be honest; it would be awesome if Apple put USB-C on the next iPhone. But it won’t happen because it doesn’t make sense for Apple from a business perspective. This rumor was short lived and I’ve chalked it up to a breakdown in communication. We won’t expect it, but we can hope for it.









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